Strategy is nothing without execution.

Our consultants will help you to define and implement your business strategy.

Formulate a winning business strategy

Build on the vision
Define the business why.
What we do best (competitive advantage).
Where we are headed.
Focus on the most critical objectives
Set an objective, which is “what we want to have accomplished,” and the key results, which are “how we are going to get it done.”
Plan the attack, choose the battlefield
Choose between Differentiation and Cost Leadership.
Define the scope of your market: Broad or Focused.
Take a reality check : does the business model stand?
Develop your business model.
The challenge is to build a quantitative model, implied by the approach, that is realistic and credible.
Build a support structure : the strategic framework
Generic plans need support from a few lower-level strategies.
Set objectives
Set the objectives of the lower-level strategies.
With OKR (Objective and Key Results), a goal isn’t just what you want to achieve; it must include a way to measure achievement.

Strategic Framework

Generic Competitive Strategy

Marketing Strategy
  • Sales revenues
  • Product differientiation
  • Customer demand
  • Pricing
  • Market share
Operational Strategy
  • Just in time
  • New product time to market
  • Fixed assets utilization
  • Operating efficiency
  • Lean processes
IT Strategy
  • Align with the business objectives
  • Ensure compliance
  • Information security
  • IT workforce development
  • Emerging technologies
Financial Strategy
  • Increase revenue
  • Manage cost
  • Balance the budget
  • Return on assets
  • Capital structure leverage

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