Business transformation

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ProActys Business Transformation Project Management

Change management

For driving complex change, you
need a qualified partner

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ProActys Business Transformation Business Analysis

Project management

ProActys will manage your strategic projects and help you achieve your goals!

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ProActys Business Transformation Change Management

Business analysis

A performing business analysis paves the way for successful changes in organizations.

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ProActys Business Transformation Business Architecture

Agile organization coaching

ProActys facilitates the organizational culture change for agile success.

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ProActys Business Transformation Business Process Management

Business architecture

ProActys enables organizations to drive future improvements.

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ProActys Business Transformation Agile Organization Coaching

Business process management

ProActys optimizes business processes based on the real value delivered to its clients’ customers.

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Change management

ProActys helps teams and organizations bring to light the underlying causes of performance barriers and accompanies leaders to drive change through the lens of strategy and organizational culture.

Our senior consultants have a “real-life” experience and not just textbook knowledge. They understand the mechanics of organizational success.

Contact our ProActys team so that we can discuss your objectives and work together to develop ways to achieve them!

Project management

As a leader in project management consulting, ProActys is the niche provider clients seek out when they are looking to implement business-enhancing, agile PMO services that improve projects and portfolio performance.

Whether you need long-term or short-term resources, ProActys has the flexibility and the talent to meet your resource needs.

Business Analysis

Together, we analyze your future challenges and current opportunities, in particular for the following themes: IT solutions, organizational development, product development, stakeholder management, ...

Our Business Analysts specify precise and INVEST requirements to describe the solution, solve the problem, or seize the opportunity. As experienced facilitators, they conduct constructive, and productive workshops to elicit, document, analyze, verify, and reach consensus on requirements. They find original and innovative solutions and support implementation through professional requirements management.

Agile Organization Coaching

ProActys helps organizations implement the agile methodology by developing agile teams and facilitating the organizational culture change necessary for sustainable success.

Executives face tremendous challenges in implementing Agile in their organization. This is particularly true for large organizations that need to scale Agile.

Our certified Agile Coaches will help executives put in place the right Agile strategy. They assist companies in their transformation at all levels; to do so, they analyze the situation, and propose an appropriate organization, define the roles within teams, and propose a choice of the agile method. This new organization is the objective to be achieved.

Business architecture

The business architecture mainly defines how processes, technology, organizational structure, roles and skills, measures, and infrastructure must be organized, configured, and integrated to support our clients' new strategies.

As experts in business organization, strategy, and technology, we work with you to provide you with integrated enterprise architecture services.

Business process management

ProActys uses lean thinking and value chain mapping to optimize business processes based on the real value delivered to its clients’ customers.

Operational Excellence is high on the agenda at many companies. Most of them today are well aware that their Business Processes are crucial to their competitive success. The objective is to “eliminate loss and waste” or, better, “bring operations up to the optimum level.” Process management makes an essential contribution to production efficiency by significantly enhancing process performance and reducing cost.

Within Lean & Process Optimization, we center our services around: identifying customer value and value-adding activities, overall process design, determining  KPI’s and quality measurements, lean roll-out and implementation support, creating the foundation for continued improvement, knowledge transfer through workshops and on-the-job training, short-term optimization through analysis and mapping of potential savings.